Our mission is to provide highest medical care to patient with Parkinson’s disease, tremor, dystonia and other movement disorders
To perform research that will lead to better treatment and ultimately cures Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders


We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to provide optimal patient care. Our centre provides to support service to people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. The team includes a movement disorder neurologist, a nurse coordinator, physiotherapists, a speech therapist and a neurophysiologist. Our team is service and research oriented

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Dr. Sujith Ovallath. MD,DM,DNB

Professor & Head of Neurology

james parkinson Movement Disorder Clinic
Kannur Medical college, Kerala

Education & Training

MBBS: Medical College Calicut with Gold Medal in Medicine
MD (General Medicine) Medical College ,Calicut
DNB (Neurology) National Board of Examinations, New Delhi
DM (Neurology)Medical College ,Calicut
Clinical Fellowship in: Movement Disorders (University Of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

Professional interests

Movement Disorders-especially Parkinson’s disease, genetics of movement disorders
Functional Electrical Stimulation in Parkinson’s disease.


25 publications in National and International journals.

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Dr. Michelle Dsouza

Assistant Neurologist

Speaker 2

Mrs. Nithyareshmi.A.P

Medical Transcriptionist & Secretary to Dr. Sujith

Speaker 3

Mrs. Binisha Sumesh

Nurse coordinator



Speaker 3

Mrs. Amrutha Haridas

Physiotherapy Nurse coordinator

Speaker 3

Mrs. Febina Ibrahim

Speech therapist

Speaker 3

Miss. Dhanisha


Clinical Appointment

James Parkinson’s Movement Disorder Centre is a part of the Department of Neurology. Kannur Medical College in Northern Kerala. This is the first centre in Malabar to provide specialized care for Parkinson’s patients and other relative movement disorder. We are actively involved in patient care and clinical research.
Prior Appointment is needed for consultations in James Parkinson’s Movement Disorder Centre
Out patient time : Monday to Friday : 9.00AM - 3.00PM
Please contact : 04972856410 for appointments (9am-4pm)


James Parkinson’s Movement Disorder Centre is located in Kannur Medical College, Anjarakandy. This is approximately 17km from Kannur city, railway station and Thalassery.

Patient Education

What are movement disorders?
Movement disorders are neurological disorders in which there is an excess movement or paucity of movement, which is not due to weakness or paralysis.
Movement disorders are associated with changes in the brain cells that help us to move. The field of movement disorders is one of the most active areas in Neurology. Basic research is rapidly advancing in understanding the disease particularly in the mechanism of cell death, pharmacology of the dopamine system, motor physiology and molecular genetics.


Parkinson plus syndrome
Corticobasal ganglionic degeneration
Lewy body disease
Multiple system atrophy
Olivoponto cerebellar atrophy
Progressive supra nuclear palsy
Shy dragger syndrome
Stiff person syndrome
Ataxia Chorea
Dystonia Blepharospasm
Hemifacial spasm Huntington disease
Myoclonus Restless leg syndrome
Dyskinesia Ticks
Tourets syndrome Tremor
Willson’s disease  

What is Parkinson’s disease?
Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological disease. The disease severity increases over time. It is a chronic progressive neurologic disease; chronic means long duration and progressive means proceeding in steps. In Parkinson’s disease neurons of brain area known as substantia nigra are primarily affected. When neurons in substantia nigra degenerate, brain’s ability to generate body movements is disrupted and this disruption produce signs and symptoms characteristic of Parkinson’s disease. These include tremors, akinesia (lack of movements or loss of spontaneous movements), bradykinesia and problems with walking


Botox clinic in the Department serves for the treatment of following conditions
Hemiplegia Hemi facial spasm
Blepharospasm Cervical dystonia
Hyper hydrosis Sialorrhoea
Spastic Cerebral palsy  

We offer this treatment

James Parkinsons Neuro Rehabilitation Centre

The James Parkinson’s rehabilitation centre has state of the art facilities for rehabilitation of patient with movement disorders

James Parkinsons Stem Cell Research Unit

A stem cell research unit for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease is in the pipe line, this will be the first centre in India committed to stem cell therapy of Parkinson’s disease


James Parkinson’s movement disorder centre, Kannur Medical College, We believe that the patients involvement in research studies is a good idea for the following reasons.

The treatment of Parkinson’s disease can improve, when people with Parkinson’s disease consent to participate in programs that involve research. Our centre conducts a large number of research projects. Research projects ranges from studies of potential neuro protective agents for Parkinson’s disease to novel treatment option to improve the control of Parkinson’s syndrome. To investigate the role of physical therapy and non pharmacological intervention in the management of Parkinson’s disease, we actively collaborate with both national and international institutes in the care of the Parkinson’s patients.


Donation of support
Private donations support research to learn more about each movement disorder. A donation to the centre will bring us closer to our shared goal of more effective treatments and preventive therapies.
For further enquiries you may contact the centre.

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James Parkinson’s Movement Disorder Research Centre
Kannur Medical College Super Speciality Hospital - Anjarakandy ANJARAKANDY (PO) KANNUR, KERALA

Phone : +91497 2856400 (15 lines) , 2856410 (Super Speciality).
Fax : 91 497 2852500
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